Charlotte Perriand ‘Les Arcs’ Chair

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Charlotte Perriand, 'Les Arcs' Chair

These chairs are in the style of the gifted Charlotte Perriand who had an extremely long career working with Le Corbusier and other notable designers. The chairs were made to be included in Les Arcs, a ski resort in the French Alps designed by Charlotte Perriand. A combination of skiing, architecture and interior design created for the masses.

She created affordable and progressive furnishings which would improve the lives of many including present generations. Charlotte Perriand was passionate about social progress with amazing social responsibility as the driving force for her design and architecture. She was exceptional in her vision and construction and was very modern. Her unique shapes are based on comfort and usefulness.

These chairs are in the style of Charlotte Perrinand’s chairs which she put in Les Arcs. Made from metal and leather in a functional modern aesthetic.

Tubular metal frame, leather sling seating circa 1950’s/ 1960’s

Dimensions:H:84cm   W:52cm   D:53cm

Condition: These have been refurbished in black leather