I love looking out for vintage costume jewellery in my local charity shops and at auctions, it is a new craze for me, almost an addiction really. I am terrible at getting good things so I am going to learn and build my knowledge about them. Today I found this in a bag of goodies. I was a bit distressed because I thought it was ivory but all images on line state it is Victorian bone. An intricate lattice work pin brooch.

vintage costume jewellery
Antique carved bone c-clasp broach

I visited my local jeweller with 4 items bought for £60 at auction. The lady said that they were not worth much as they were just costume jewellery.

I asked for cleaning and new links where someone had made some obvious makeshift repairs.

The pieces all cleaned up really well and as a consequence, I will sell the gold scarf pin for £50.

Gold scarf pin
Turquoise rolled gold scarf pin

My final piece from the bag of auction goodies this month is a piece that has the vintage LC Liz Claiborne mark.

vintage costume jewellery
Vintage LC dangle mark

It would seem as if Claiborne changed her mark over time so mine is vintage as the dangle has the LC mark which dates between

This is like a mixed media art piece, made from material, abalone shell, metal, beads, links, cord and chains. Very Boho, very vintage. Liz Claiborne built and amazing empire which lives on in her vintage costume jewelry pieces.


  1. Invest in big bags of jewellery from auction houses and charity thrift shops
  2. Do your research before buying and after buying
  3. Weigh up the cost of cleaning and repairs
  4. Take lots of picture before you  buy and do comparisons online
  5. List your item on your own website, Etsy and Ebay
  6. Write a blog post about your item to encourage SEO
  7. Make friends with your local jeweller and see if you can get good deals for repairs. They amy know local people looking for items you have for sale.

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