Beautiful Affordable Art Gallery Space In London


Creative people would always want their artwork to be displayed. The Gallery London now implements an alluring and exquisite gallery space in London and at an affordable price as well for advertising the artworks of different individuals. There is a beautiful and lovely gallery space in London and it is located in the South East region. The gallery space in London will help you in renting the gallery and will also aid in promoting the art and with full grace, you will be able to frame up your presence. Discounted framing, promotions based on online social media, private viewings are there as well and all this will help you to endorse your artwork very effectively. The Gallery London has comprehensive experience in website designing, promotion and SEO and social media as well. The gallery space in London will make sure that the art you are providing is promoted and exhibited in a competent manner. At the end, your art will be firmly put on the map. For artists, this is a very good opportunity and it should not be missed.

The services of the Gallery London

A Bespoke Framing Service is offered by the Gallery London. They are known for offering a wide collection of frames for suiting your tapestry, painting, canvas, photograph, poster which will be again displayed in the gallery space in London. Even if you are unable to find a frame that is suitable within the collection of the gallery, the Gallery London will definitely search something else from their supplier which will be applicable, according to your taste. Varied kinds of mounts are also offered by the gallery space in London so that the image and the frame is properly complimented. To you and your frame, the services of framing will always be tailored.

What the GALLERY London comprises of

The Gallery London comprises of a white walled gallery space in London, and in total there are two floors. Also there is a cafe and courtyard which are sometimes hired by craftspeople, artists and other community groups. The location of the gallery space in London is on a jovial shopping street which is in South London, Hither Green. By all this, the buyers are surely going to get attracted as the whole atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly and also you can enjoy the awesome cake and coffee found in the cafe of the gallery space in London. Proper publicity is offered by the gallery space in London for all the artists. If you are an artist, you can completely reply on the gallery space in London and your work is surely not to get unnoticed.

The promotions conducted for artists by Gallery London

Creative producers, jewelry and all kinds of artists are heartily welcomed by the Gallery London for exhibiting their artwork in the lovely gallery space in London and also on their website. The gallery space in London is not at all costly and expert advocacy can also be found for helping the artists sell their artwork and in that way awareness of the brand is also built. You can very easily view your work, purchased and seen by talent scouts and buyers.

132 Hither Green Lane
Hither Green
London SE13 6QA

The Gallery Londontelephone: 0208 852 8881

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Gallery Open: Thursday - Saturday 11am – 5pm

(Private View Available on Request)

Transport: Hither Green Station / Ladywell Station / Lewisham Station / 181 bus / 285 bus